V.O.C. of the People

Letter to a Friend

Avi collapsed onto the floor of her room, which caused alarm with Tip and Kharrakh, both moving to her side. The flock fluttered around her, chirping until Little Tip scolded them. She did not rose at first, to their chatter but after a moment, lifted herself up enough to look at them. Her tears glistened in the lamp light, as they slipped down her cheeks. Her azure and gold eyes stared, desperately back into the void of Kharrakh’s. There had to be something else she could do. Her heart ached with grief and fear. If it had not been for the Captain, she could have been like that woman. Her gift was so similar, and she had need to use it to save Phillip from the siren’s spell. She felt dirty, and flinched away from Kharrakh’s touch as he tried to pull her into his arms. He wanted to comfort her but she did not want the feeling to just go away. She needed to do something first.

“Avi?” his voice sounded in her ears, instead of her mind, and she was grateful for that. He was learning quickly, picking up the words necessary to speak with her or the limited interactions he would have with the crew.

“I must,” she began. “I must do something. I can not let her hold them like this. It needs to be their choice. What can I do?” With her question, she looked helplessly into his eyes again. He did not respond at first, he did not know of what she was speaking.

“Shall I kill them?” his question made her flinch again.

“No, no, I do not want her blood!” she responded with vigor. She lowered her head, wishing that he would have a different solution that death. He was a being made for war, and some days she worried that she was no different, or the woman she was before she was Avi. “I will write a letter, maybe, maybe he can do something to fix this.”

She lifted herself up and moved to her collection of belongings, most being shiny rocks and shells, with a few small pieces, to small to use, of Orichalchum. Within the pile, however, she was able to draw out a quill, ink, and paper. The words came out quickly, messily, as she was not use to the format.

Dear Adam,

I feel that you may be able to help, with a problem that we recently came across in Manila. To my great grief, Captain Phillip made us leave without this woman understanding. Sanna Marina is a Stranger, with a gift that, since discovering, I have learned not to use, unless in the most dire of circumstances. With sadness, I used it for the first time on your brother, to break him from this woman’s hold. I cannot bare to think what may have occurred if I had not been resistant to her weird to her siren’s song.

While I was able to save Phillip, I mourn for the men and women under her control. Oblivious to the weird that holds them, but their happiness is false and comes at the expense of their freedom. They have been stolen from their homes and families, as she tried to take me. I only wish for them to be free to choose. If they wish to stay with her, without the weird, I will not pursue the topic.

My point, dear Adam, is that Sanna Marina needs to understand that those that join her, should do so of their own will. I do not want harm to come to her, I just hope you have a way that can help these victims and prevent future cases. Again, please avoid harm! And do not subject her to prison, in jail or on an island. She only needs to understand and stop what she is doing.
I know this may sound like a desperate plea or a waste of VOC time, but I do not know who else to turn to. Your brother did all that he felt he could.

She stopped to stare at what she had written, and only after she felt she had gotten her point across did she return to the letter.

Since, I am writing, I would also like to thank you for delivering my feather to my sister. I hope she is well, I do worry so, for her. I hope this letter finds you, too, in good health. My bird will stay if you wish to send a response, she will be able to find me. Her name is Ouluck, and she likes it if you rub above her beak and the shoulders of her wings. Thank you, once again, dearest Adam.

Your Friend, Avi

She rolled up the letter and tied a ribbon around it to hold it together, then attached it to Ouluck’s leg. She stroked the sea bird’s beak.

“I will return after I send her out, Kharrakh.”

She continued up, to the deck, and let Ouluck go, this was the most she could do, hopefully Adam could do more.


Arikiba AmiiPanda

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