Avinnia Elon

Telekenetic Harpy


After so long away from her family home, Avi has discovered that she misses having arms. Several weeks of subconscious dreams, though none that she can recall, her weird has taken it upon itself to grow her new arms. She has decided to learn how to become a smuggler, under Captain Phillip, as well as learn important lessons on how to be a lady, to add to what she had learned as a child.

At the beginning of the campaign she almost seventeen. Her birthday is 10/31. She can speak Dutch, Icelandic, and Malay (learned from reading minds).
Avi has a mostly human form, though her feet have mutated, becoming large and having talons instead of toes, and wings grow out of the same shoulder joint as her arms.

Avi has Telekinesis and has recently discovered the ability of Telepathy.

Elon_Family_Flag.jpgHouse Elon
Ewald Elon – Dutch noble, runs the city of Reykjavik, particularly in charge of trade; name means ‘law, custom, right and rule’
Janneke Elon – Dutch noble, wife of Ewald; names means ‘god is merciful’
Aleid Elon – Oldest daughter of Ewald and Janneke, heir to the Elon name and business; name means ‘graceful and noble’
Avinnia Elon – Youngest daughter of Ewald and Janneke, thought to be dead

Little Tip – Found on Christmas Island, only bird so far that can really speak Dutch
Christmas Island Birds – Original Flock; including the Christmas Island White-eye and the Christmas Island Thrush
Sea Birds – Used particularly by Farrah to send correspondents Dr. Crustevya while on route to Tripoli; including Sandwich Tern, Black Tern, and Gull-billed Tern
Batevia/Indonesia – Green Broadbill, Fairy Pitta, Fawn-Breasted Bowerbird, Crested Jay, Mountain Tailorbird, White-Eye, Blue-Winged Leafbird, Sparrows


Avinnia was born the second daughter of the Elon family. The Elon family come from the Dutch nobility of Denmark. They live on Iceland, running the city of Reykjavik. She was born a normal, human child, but to the dismay of her parents began to sprout feathers by the of six. These feathers were easy to hide in the beginning, but by twelve her arms had mutated into wings and her feet were beginning to change into talons.
At first they just shut Avinnia away from the world, and she continued to grow older, and more neglected. By the age of fourteenth, she begged to be free, from her cage, a single bedchamber that had been all she had seen in four long years. Her parents denied her request. wanting freedom, she attempted to escape.
When caught her parents realized they were not going to be able to keep their hideous daughter hidden from the world forever. Instead of letting her be free, however, they decided that she would have to be killed.
On the eve of her next birthday, she was allowed to go out onto the closed off property. Unknowing to her parents, the man that they had hired to kill her was not so willing to kill the misunderstood girl. Together they faked her death, easy enough as he was supposed to dispose of the body in a place that would never be found. Instead he aided Avinnia in her escape from her parents and from Iceland.
To her dismay, everywhere she has gone since, she has been met with fear and hostility. In her heart, all Avinnia wants, underneath it all, is the same thing we all want, to be accepted and loved.

Avinnia Elon

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