A prisoner aboard the Songbird, an alien creature not of this world.


Name (known aliases): Kharrakh Ker-Avinnia
Title(s): Ker (to Avi, his Okraik)

Place of Birth: Vandagen (he knows it as “Mu”)
Age: Unknown

Weird Sensitivity: Very high
Oddities: Can contact and speak with his Okraik over great distances, can remove jagged bones from his forearms (to use as weapons, when caught unarmed), recovers from injury at a very rapid pace.

Last Seen: The Songbird

Loyalties: Avi

Beliefs: Might makes right, and the weak will perish.


Part of the initial invading force that attacked Cairo, Kharrakh was one of the many attackers who swarmed the Songbird when she came within distance of Cairo. In the attack, however, he was bested by Avinnia Elon, and immediately thereafter professed his loyalty to her. Upon interrogation, he explained that, having been bested by another, his culture’s laws required him to become that person’s ker, which he described as being similar to a bodyguard.

After several months in the Songbird’s brig, Kharrakh has been freed by Avi, to whom he has begun to develop a strong emotional bond. He has described her in the past as “fair beyond measure,” and has explained that he considers himself deeply fortunate to be ker to one as beautiful as her.


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