Character Creation

Alright, you’ve read over the main page, and have a general idea of how this game is likely going to work. It is time to create your character, which will largely just be concept work until the first session, but is still very important.

Step I: Concept

When designing your character concept, please adhere to the following rules:

  • Your character needs some kind of special ability or quality that is simultaneously an advantage and a disadvantage. This is something that is unique to them, and should be difficult to control or use properly, as there is no one to train them on it. I strongly encourage you to be creative and have fun here, as this will be a major part of your character. Nothing is off the table. Examples include:
    • A woman who is literally a harpy: arms replaced by wings, lower legs replaced with talons. This is allows her to fly at will, but her hollow bones make her fragile, and her rapid metabolism requires tremendous amounts of food daily.
    • A man who, after accidentally making a dark deal, is now cursed to come back after death. He knows his “lives” are limited—and can even tell he is beginning to run out—but doesn’t know exactly how many chances he has left.
  • Your character must be in trouble with the law in some way, for whatever reason you desire. Do not decide the ultimate outcome of this, but set your character up in such a way that consequences—whether deserved or not—are coming their way.
  • Your character should be cool and interesting. I don’t mean this to create pressure, but rather to liberate; this is going to be a narrative-heavy game, with lots of twists and turns in the plot, and I don’t want anyone hitching their horse to a character that they’re going to get bored with early on. Give them substance, personality, and history. Give them enemies and friends, and please don’t make them orphans without really good reason—family can seem like a burden in games like D&D, but in this game, it will only help enhance the story.

At this point, you’re done. If you really want to, you can advance to the next step, but this is something I will be helping people with during the first session, so don’t feel like you need to.

Step II: Crunch

This game will be played with Storyteller, a system of my design, which is approaching completion. I will admit that this is, in part, a playtest, but I also really want to run a game.

If you’re dead-set on getting a head start, a rundown of the mechanics can be found here, go ahead and gloss over all that first, then come back.

Welcome back.

Character creation is going to use the following rules:

  • Characters will have a total of 16 points (not xp, just points) to distribute among their Attributes. No Attribute may end this process lower than 1 or higher than 3.
  • Characters will begin with a total of 20 earned experience, which they may spend as they wish. This experience cannot be held onto, and all of it must be spent before gameplay begins, or it will be lost.
  • Because of the 20 experience, characters will have a maximum total Significance of 4, which they may distribute among as many or as few Convictions as they would like. Until gameplay begins, no Conviction may be at Significance 3 without express permission from the Narrator (and you will need a very compelling reason for this to be allowed).

Character Creation

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