Flags and Factions

Kingdom of Britain
A red and white cross above a white X on a blue field.
Based in Britain; includes Ireland and Scotland.

The Dutch Confederation
Red, white, and blue horizontal thirds.
Based in The Netherlands; includes Denmark and Norway.

Dutch East India Trading Company (The VOC)
Red, white, and blue horizontal thirds with the VOC logo in black in the middle of the center stripe.

Elon_Family_Flag.jpgHouse Elon
Blue with an off white moon and a red ‘E’ in the moon

Kingdom of France
Fifty golden Fleur-de-Lis on a white field.
Based in France; includes Belgium and Luxembourg.

Republic of Italy

Independent Greek States

Holy Roman Empire
A black, double-headed eagle, centered on a gold field.
Based in Germany; includes Austria, Croatia, Hungary, Poland, and Serbia.

Maratha Confederacy
An orange pennant, swallow-tailed.
Based in India; includes Nepal and Pakistan.

Ottoman Empire
Six gold double-crescent moons and a gold zulfikar sword, on a red field, dove-tailed.
Based in Turkey; includes Egypt, Jordan, Mali, Morocco, Syria, Tunisia, and Yemen.

The Papal States
A red vertical half next to a gold vertical half.

Kingdom of Portugal
A fancy crown atop a red square with eight golden castles, centered on a white field.

Qing Empire
A blue dragon chasing a red sun, on a gold field.
Includes China.

Safavid Dynasty
A gold lion holding a gold sun, centered on a green field.
Based in Persia (Iran); includes Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, Oman, and Uzbekistan.

Russian Empire
A blue cross, two white corners, and two red corners.
Based in Russia; includes Bulgaria, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Mongolia, Romania, and Ukraine.

Spanish Empire (Spain; Corsica, Sicily)
A leafy red X, on a white field.

Flags and Factions

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