Key Terms

Chaos Sails – A type of sail with thin pieces of Orichalcum woven into the fabric at strategic points. In the hands of a skilled Stranger, Chaos Sails are capable of pushing a vessel at much higher speeds than would otherwise be possible. Due to their extreme efficiency (and the danger associated with using them), they have become a favorite of pirates and smugglers in recent years, which has led to many areas outlawing their use on non-V.O.C.-owned vessels.

Crossways – An incredibly uncommon and mysterious phenomenon where two points in the real world gets connected by an alternate route through Vandagen. Though these places could be thousands of miles apart, Crossways have traditionally been only a mile or so in length, making them a very efficient method of traversing great distances. However, due to their otherworldly nature, very little is known about finding or creating them, as well as how safe using them truly is.

Gad – The most commonly used term for the roughly human-shaped helper automatons that have become popular in the last decade. Short for “gadget.”

Ley Line – The Weird is stronger and easier to control in certain parts of the world, and less so in others. The locations where its strength “maxes out,” so to speak, are known as “Ley Lines.” Only a dozen or so Ley Lines are known of at this time, and they are jealously guarded by those who control them, often valuing them more than then land below. At this time, only two are not V.O.C.-controlled: Vienna, and one that charges the Sovereign, the location of which is currently unknown.

Orichalcum – A pink, crystalline mineral that seems to either generate or interact with some kind of all-encompassing magical force. While still largely shrouded in mystery, Orichalcum possesses two definite qualities: 1) when fully submerged in water, it immediately generates tremendous heat, and; 2) Strangers attempting to use the Weird have better, more consistent results when using a piece of Orichalcum as a focus.

Outsider – As Stranger (below), but intended as a slur.

Stranger – The term for someone who seems capable of manipulating the Weird, whether intentionally or otherwise. Often, though not always, used towards individuals with Orichalcum or otherwise Weird-enhanced prosthetics.

Van Dagen or Vandagen – In the time before time, ancient humans banded together and sealed away all the monsters, strange beings, and magic in another part of Earth that had since been forgotten. This place is commonly referred to as Van Dagen, (or “the ancient”, in Dutch) or sometimes “the Old World.” In early 1618, the seals locking Vandagen away were broken, and everything in it was set free upon Earth, including the magic of Vandagen itself.

V.O.C. – The Dutch East India Company, an incredibly powerful and pervasive trading company out of the Netherlands. Short for “Vereenigde Oost-Indische Compagnie.”

The Weird or Weird – The semi-universal term for anything magical or otherwise pertaining to Vandagen. More specifically, it is often used as a name for the mysterious currents that flow in and out of Orichalcum.

Key Terms

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