Orichalcum is a strange, fragile mineral that appeared shortly after the Otherworld began seeping into ours. It is a light pinkish, crystalline substance, often found in “gems” of roughly the size of a thumb. Little is known about Orichalcum other than the fact that, when submerged in freshwater, it begins to generate tremendous heat (upwards of 100 degrees Celsius) almost immediately. Beyond that lone property — and its attraction to the Weird and Otherworldly — the substance remains a complete mystery, and attempts to understand it further have been met entirely in vain.

Despite all of that, however, Orichalcum’s arrival on earth (and the subsequent discovery of its unique properties) has jump-started the Industrial Revolution over a hundred years ahead of schedule, leading to world-shaping inventions and innovations all across the world.

The Otherworld

The Weird



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