Ships of the World

Cortez – A technological marvel, this fully submersible vessel appeared to be designed to perform sensitive espionage missions. Though it managed full function with a very small crew of only 3, current understanding of the vessel’s functionality would necessitate all three crewmen being capable Strangers. Damaged beyond repair in Athens, on 7 October, 1717.

Crafty Sassafras – The ship of small-time smuggler Rhoda Petralia, the poorly-maintained xebec bears more than a few telltales signs of having been stolen. Filled to the bursting with hidden compartments of varying size, Petralia takes pride in her ship being not only quick, but effortless to handle — allowing her to easily replace members of the crew when she feels they are no longer trustworthy.

Songbird – Philip’s former (and once again, more recently) smuggling vessel, this ship gained a reputation in the West Indies as a very successful blockade runner. It was known to be very fast, nearly impossible to track, and prone to completely disappearing when the pursuit got too hot. However, it has since fallen out of use, and hasn’t been seen in quite some time…

Superstition – Ju-Long’s signature vessel, a particularly heavily armed and armored barque. It is known to be a heavily-modified ship, specifically designed for transporting dangerous and uncooperative prisoners. Rumor has it that Ju-Long has manufactured a device capable of rendering the Weird completely inert around the Superstition.

Ships of the World

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