The Songbird

The Songbird and her crew, as dictated by Charlotte DuPont to Jamal Smeb, on the 5th of January, in the Year of Our Lord 1718.

THE SONGBIRD, finest in its class, swiftest ship East of the meridian.

MASTER and CAPTAIN Phillip Borrow, of England, who pilots our ship and keeps us true;
and Zhang Bao, who keeps the Captain’s quarters clean and tidy, and manages his affairs.

and Temura Henare, who mans the rigging in her absence,
and Kharrakh, who answers to her.

QUARTERMASTER Jamal Smeb, who manages our stores of all things.
and Godfrey Livingston, who mans the guns, when needed.

BOATSWAIN Charlotte “Charlie” DuPont, who inspects the crew and ship, and keeps both sea-worthy;
and Agarwal Dopinder Singh,
and Laramie Diego,
and Rosie McGann,
and Teft Kholin, Able-Bodied-Sailors all, who man the deck and sails at her command.

SAILING MASTER John “Mel” Boughman, who charts and maintains our course.

CHIEF ENGINEER Farrah Al-Azar, who oversees the Engine Room;
and Lady Red,
and Johann Lindemann, her understudies.

SURGEON Alan, who mans the Infirmary;
and Dion Medina, the Physician’s Assistant.

GALLEY MASTER Fabio Arighetti, who feeds our crew;
and Selene Berger, who answers to him.

The Songbird

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