The Story so Far

PROLOGUE: Have Yourself a Merry Little Banishment

  • Session One: Sept. 23-24, 1717
    • Arrival at Christmas Island and meeting the first exiles.
  • Session Two: Sept. 25-26, 1717
    • Sergei’s betrayal, joining Andrei’s town, and the Crossway.
  • Session Three: Sept. 27-29, 1717
    • Inspecting the troops, Andrei’s assassin, and entering the Crossway.

ACT I: The Dragon That Sailed

  • Chapter One: The Flightless Bird
    • Session Four: Sept 30-Oct 1, 1717
      • Arrival in Odessa, meeting Saïd, the Crafty Sassafras, The Dead Girl, and finding Ju-Long’s trail.
    • Session Five: Oct 2-6, 1717 XP Earned: 8
      • Black Sea Gales, a night in Constantinople, Friends in Low Places, and retaking the Songbird.
    • Session Six: Oct 6-7, 1717 XP Earned: 10
      • Damage assessments, Athens bound, a cry for help, the missing prostitutes, a heated debate, looking for work, and the mysterious submersible.
  • Chapter Two: The Athens Incident
    • Session Seven: Oct 7-8, 1717 XP Earned: 10
      • The Spaniards Three, TRIAGE, standoff with the Sheriff, getting rounded up, Good Inquisitor/Bad Inquisitor, Cullen lays low, an unwelcome benefactor, The Price of Your Freedom, and leaving without looking back.
    • Session Eight: Oct 8-18, 1717 XP Earned: 9
      • Three days at sea, Farrah: all greased up, Alan of the Deep, Avi has arms, arrival in Syracuse and the mysterious snoops, unloading unwanted cargo, Avi’s dress, Alan’s shopping trip, an unwelcoming, and departure for Cairo.
  • Chapter Three: The Day Egypt Burned
    • Session Nine: Oct 18-21, 1717 XP Earned: 8
      • Now You Are Free, the Songbird is under attack!, a portage to Suez, a new kind of prisoner, sneaking about, and Those Loyal to the Old Ways.
    • Session Ten: Oct 22, 1717 XP Earned: 7
      • The prisoner speaks, a gal about town, an uncomfortable request, the Governor’s Ball, a New Friend, and a sudden arrival.
  • Chapter Four: The Bad Times
    • Session Eleven: Oct 23-Nov 16, 1717 XP Earned: 6
      • Escape from Suez, a true windward party, Philip and Farrah, Philip and Avi, Cullen rages on, and Arrival in Batavia.
  • Chapter Four Interlude: A Day in Batavia
    • Session Twelve: Nov 16-17, 1717 XP Earned: 5
      • The Bathouse, the university and the bar, meeting with the Magistrate, and a night of drinking, and the Batavian Egg Festival.
  • Chapter Four: The Bad Times
    • Session Thirteen: Nov 17-18, 1717 XP Earned: 15
      • Alan: On Sale Now!, pilfering research, the unhelpful detective, the enigmatic Rhaxdi, Kharrakh is still relevant, the daughter of Ju-Long, and drink! Then, behind V.O.C. lines, hailing the British, and Farrah and Alan get into trouble.
    • Session Fourteen: Nov 18-20, 17177 XP Earned: 9
      • Farrah and Alan get out of trouble, a mysterious postman, Brother Borrow, the rescue of Baltes, and reuniting the family.
  • Chapter Five: The Dragon’s Daughter
    • Session Fifteen: Nov 20-21, 1717 XP Earned: 6
      • A night of unrest, Adam’s return, one easy job, Crewman Joe & his confession, the party, and Ting’s confession.
    • Session Sixteen: Nov 22, 1717 XP Earned:
      • Ting’s black eye & Charlie’s dislocated shoulder, memoirs of a Canguk Merah, Avi learns a language, and an ominous bathhouse warning.
  • Chapter Six: The Six and One
    • Session Seventeen: Nov 23-25 XP Earned: 9
      • Joe becomes Jake, a little girl’s warning, Adam’s Gifts, Who is Tamir Lin?, arrival of the birds, Launching the Songbird, and banishing Minerva.
    • Session Eighteen: Nov 25-26 XP Earned: 6
      • The wounded harpy, needing a better hospital, the Silent Sea, getting handy, sick tat bro, and an invitation to a summit.

The Story so Far

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