V.O.C. of the People

To be a bride

Mind in turmoil, Farrah still presented a poised demeanor to the world. Life on the Songbird was not what she was raised to expect from her future, but it was a good life. It led to certain opportunities. Opportunities like inventing a new hybrid fuel sky ship engine. Improving dorsal prosthesis coupling so that Captain Phillip’s arm wouldn’t chafe him.

But she could not deny that her life had changed. She had changed. Uncle Chakroun had spoken about the wisdom of her actions, and Farrah was ready to take that advice to heart. Perhaps the best thing for her passions would be to share them with a…partner.

Captain Phillip was trustworthy, powerful, responsible. Captain Phillip trusted her, letting her operate on his arms at all hours. Who was it who took care of her during her grief? Him. Who was it who stood by him through the many fiascos that seemed to follow the ship? Her.

After talking about what becoming a bride meant, what would happen, Farrah felt prepared for the decision already made. Of course she knew what came after, many of the women she educated were in harems. But despite knowing how distasteful it could become, Farrah was making this decision. She wanted a partner, and all that entailed. That meant she would have to become accustomed to being a good partner herself. Serving the Captain in any endeavor, even before he knew to ask her. No matter how difficult. Farrah trusted completely in herself, her ability to become whatever she needed to be.

And when she remembered how terrifyingly quick this decision was made, the moment alone in the Captain’s quarters when her heart fluttered like a bird against a cage, Farrah trembled again. Was this how her mother felt? Irrationally, completely his? Farrah would never have the answer to that, now that her parents were dead. But perhaps…maybe it would be more cautious, wiser, to not question this. Instead, Farrah would try her hardest to become a good bride.


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