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Farrah's writing

Esteemed Dr. Crustevya,

Let us rest, for the moment, our political and philosophical debate. Your recent notes on internal surgery will take more time than usual for me to digest, if you’ll allow the small jest, and I have a more pressing need of your advice.

Namely, personal advice. As a woman, I feel that we could be confidantes, and through our correspondence I have come to trust your judgement. I will beg your judgement on a personal matter, though if I overstep the bounds of our friendship we may return to drier matters.

I am of a marriageable age, and though my family is obliterated and my fortune lost, I am not prospectless. Indeed, my position aboard the Songbird has put me in contact with a man suitable to both my station, and my person. However, though I think the partnership would benefit us both, I am unsure of how to arrange it, without parents or guardians of any kind to lead the negotiations.

If you were to marry, and had a suitor in mind, how would you go about solidifying the merger? Lacking any notable experience in this area, I throw myself completely upon your mercy. And I thank you with all the passion a friend’s heart can muster.

With best regards,
Farrah Al-Azar

Fel-ethet eilbee,

My eye’s light, I implore your kind guidance once more. Our ship, the Songbird, has gone through a realm of demons, and though I am in body and spirit safe, my mind is in turmoil. It is more pressing now than ever that the Al-Azar line be continued and strengthened. Please, heart of my own, send me word of how you fare. How are our people?

My soul aches to be reunited again, but until then let this correspondence remain unbroken and undelayed.

Farrah Al-Azar

From the journal of Farrah Al-Azar

No new advancements to engine. Seems to be unharmed from the recent journeys through the crossways.

Phillip’s arm has been corrupted. Must begin work on next prototype, perhaps with safety measures against the Orichalcum growth.

No response from correspondence. Will write again in two days time if no reply by then.

Avi and I are going shopping tomorrow. It will be good to speak with her on the matter of my plan. Perhaps she knows more about the customs than I do.

Though I remain logically committed to my course of action, it is strange that no new…moments have occurred since that night. I was led to believe being in love was more exciting than this. Perhaps I was mistaken, and this is how it always feels. Will ask someone if trend continues.

end journal of Farrah Al-Azar


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