V.O.C. of the People


Avi and Smeb take their relationship to the next level


It was late that evening by the time Avinnia was able to retire. Her room stood empty, quiet, but her desperation filled it. Her birds were up in the tower, eating and resting. Smeb was somewhere, perhaps out under the stars again. He had not spent a night with her since their arrival at the estate, and tonight, that was too much to bear.

Smeb? she reached out to his mind. Jamal, I need you, her words were shaking, even as they were only heard in his mind.

Everything was falling from Avi’s grasp. She was a captain, but she could not protect her crew, she hoped her letter would reach them in time, but the news her mother’s siblings brought, left her doubting she would ever see Paradise again. She pressed her brow against her bed post, attempting to block out the flashes of the horrific scene her mind created. Her crew and her friends back in the Caribbean, standing up from their blood covered bodies with chains around their neck.

When the urgent knock hit her door, it left her shaking, pulling her from the horror. “Come in,” she managed out.

Smeb rushed in, gun in his hand, and his eyes darting around the room for the danger he thought she must have been in. When there was nothing, his eyes fell to Avi. “Captain? What has happened?” He was rushing towards her once he saw the tears sparkling on her skin. “Avinnia?”

“Everything is spinning,” she whispered.

“Sit, sit,” he urged, his concern only growing as he guided her to sit on the bed. “Are you ill? Shall I send for Alan?”

The laugh she let out was almost a sob. She lifted her hand and grabbed onto Smeb’s sleeve. “Jamal. Jamal, I need you,” her words echoed not only in his ears but his head.


Before he could finish, her lips pressed into his. His mouth was warm, as she had come to expect, the warmth always inviting her to stay, to never leave, and tonight she wanted to do just that. The world be damned, this was hers. She needed to be his.

She slipped her hands up from his arm and to his chest before she began to tug at his vest, slipping it off his shoulders. She could feel his hands gently grab her wrists, to stop her. Please, she begged. She lifted her eyes to him, desire, passion, need, it was all there, all begging him to give her peace. “The world is ending, and I need us to have this.”

“Are you sure, Avi?”

Always the gentleman. His concern left her smiling and she kissed him with renewed passion. His shirt was the next to go, and her hands explored his chest, curling her fingers in the hair and lowering her lips to kiss his collarbone. She had seen peaks beneath his shift before, but everything felt new, and every detail felt important. She spent what felt like years studying every inch of his torso, kissing and stroking his muscles and creases. She spent a moment listening to his heartbeat, his breathing was steady but his heart beat with excitement.

She lifted herself up and ran her hands over his cheeks then up, carefully slipping his turban back. Her fingers caught in dark curls and she smiled at the site. She twirled one just past the tip of his ear. “Lovely.”

“I do not mind my view,” he chuckled as his comment brought a blush to her cheeks.

Avi looked at him, sitting back almost to give him a better look. “Help me out of my dress?” She turned her back to him and pulled her hair over one shoulder. Smeb’s hands worked at the back of her dress, but he was purposefully slow. “Jamal,” she whispered. She heard him chuckle again, his breath hot against her neck as he finally pulled the dress down to her waist.

Fingers brushed up her back, every calloused part of his skin from years of ship-work felt like heaven. His fingers circled around, examining her like she had him. The reached her shoulders, where they met her wings and he carefully spread out his fingers to gently stroke over one of her wings. Her shiver was as involuntary as the moan that slipped out her lips. The moan was enough to bring him in for more, his arms slipping around her, drawing her back against him.

His hands were on her breasts, gripping passionately and yet so gently. The movement made her gasp in excitement. She tugged her skirt down from her hips and kicked the dress to the floor. He was careful, as he turned her to face him. He allowed her to sit back for a moment as he stood to remove his trousers. He dragged a hand up her leg, then stomach, gently pushing her back when it reached her shoulder.

Avinnia laid back on the bed, staring up at Smeb, seeing him unclothed for the first time. Her eyes wandered down, her cheeks dark, but her eyes excited. He leaned over her, his throbbing member already hard as she felt it brush her. She moaned again, willingly, and lifted her leg, running her toes up his leg.

Let me guide you, she heard his voice in her own mind. I will give you what you need.

His hands gripped her hips and tugged up her legs, letting her wrap them around him as he plunged inside. She was warm and inviting. Her gasps and moans were enough to drive him in repeatedly. Her legs tightened, trying to keep him from escaping while her back arched and her hands grasped at his sweat covered skin. A shuddery breath from his lips and a cry of delight marked the end.

He laid beside her, holding her as close as he could, and smiling. “I love you,” he whispered in her ear.

Each moment was everything. Each kiss was life renewed inside of her. The world be damned. They had each other, and for the first time in her life, Avinnia Elon was at peace.


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